LIVE: Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby holds briefing


Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby holds briefing

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GDPops September 15, 2021 - 8:14 PM

In 2010, US and Nato commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal was fired because he "had damaged the military by showing disrespect" to the B. H. O. administration. Yet, today's democrats & lap-dog media is OK with Gen Milley openly defying his Commander in Chief President Trump by opening back-channels with China for clandestine communications AGAINST the president.. Another example of anti-Trump bias! Milley should be IMMEDIATELY court martialed.

Keith Howard September 15, 2021 - 8:26 PM

OMFG!!!! This guys a professional dancer!!!! Typical pentagon DB!!! Deny, evade, minimize, manipulate, and cover up!!! Not to mention treat us all like we're complete F'n MORANS!!!!!

Richard Quimby September 15, 2021 - 8:29 PM

Sounds very suspicious that Gen Milley called China right before the election. Was he just checking in with his boss.

Sah Di September 15, 2021 - 8:53 PM

Thank you we know its common for Sec of Defense to have secret communications with foreign leaders to undermine the President. Very understandable why such an screwed up gov.

Kevin Walker September 15, 2021 - 9:50 PM

Release all the call transcripts of Milly with the Chinese – Nothing to hide, show us.

Ricky Johnston September 16, 2021 - 2:11 PM

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Teddy Joseph Buresch September 16, 2021 - 6:26 PM

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